Antique Textiles

The Antique Textiles section depicts textile items that we have in stock, but that have not yet been made into pillows.
This is great section for those who want a custom design built around their particular taste and style.



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15th C. Eclesiastic Panel

Size 9″x 49″. Description: 15th C. ecclesiastic panel depicting religious figures thought to be from Spain.

$2,000.00 #AT_259


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16th C. Embroidery and Applique

Size 5 1/2″x 88 1/2″. Description: 16th C. embroidery and appliqué depicting a fleur-de-lis design on red silk velvet.

$1,500.00 #AT_307


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16th or 17th C. Ecclesiastic Fragment – St. Paul

(RESERVED). Size 4 1/2″x 8 1/2″. Description: 16th or 17th C. ecclesiastic fragment of Saint Paul embroidered in gold metallic and silk threads.

$725.00 #AT_285 A


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Band of Three Panels in Blue Silk Velvet

Size 7 1/2″x 63 1/2″. Description: 16th C. or possibly earlier band of three panels in blue silk velvet embellished with camel colored appliqué and embroidery of leaves and scrollwork.

$1,500.00 #AT_274


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