In today’s interior design community, Rebecca Vizard is considered a visionary for her innovative use of rare and beautiful antique textiles. Her pillows are distinguished by their elegant compositions of unusual elements and their exquisite hand-sewn craftsmanship.

Rebecca’s design philosophy is a simple recipe of three ingredients:

  • A creative process that achieves perfect composition: a clean blend of antique elements and negative space

  • Respect for the integrity of the antique textile

  • The highest standards of craftsmanship, including measuring, cutting, and stitching.

Becky’s pillows are works of art. Whether it is a Suzani or one of her embroidered pieces they give a room a certain panache that fabric pillows cannot. Plus I love the fact they are “one of a kind.”       — Eleanor Cummings of Houston, Texas

Rebecca’s fascination with textiles started in childhood. “Growing up in the rural deep South, everyone sewed, for the same reason everyone had a vegetable garden—out of necessity.” At Newcomb College of Tulane University, where she studied art and communications, Rebecca began frequenting auctions and antique shops in New Orleans, buying antique textiles for her own use. After college, she launched a custom-design sock business for Talbots, J.C. Penney Co. and Mervyns, while taking on occasional interior design projects. These design ventures propelled Rebecca into the high-end world of interiors and antiques. She began to create pillows from her growing personal collection of rare textiles. Snapped up by designers such as Gerrie Bremermann and Barry Dixon, the pillows were featured in many national shelter publications.

When Neiman Marcus made its first order in 1999, B VIZ Design was officially launched. Today, Rebecca lives and works on Locustland Plantation, a few miles from where she grew up. She employs only local workers in her business, a point of pride in a town where the unemployment rate is 17.4 percent, nearly double the national average. When she is not designing pillows or travelling to buy textiles, Rebecca enjoys swimming in Lake Bruin, and spending time with her family, husband Michael Vizard, daughter Sarah and son Ross, puppy Lucille and feline Dat Cat.